Friday, June 13, 2014

Retirement blues

The oncesweet smelling jasmines garlands texture lie brownpaper scraps The nostalgic air of a longwhile ago is sultry and humid.The beautifully crafted eulogies which wafted me up to cloud nine only faintly reverbate once in a while butto no purpose.
'I'm retired leisure' to quote Lamb.Retired at the age of 55,with all my faculties intact, senses in fine fettle, and a insatiable zest for life.Once retirement meant something else to me.I watched my grandfather and fatherbegin to walk cautiously,their frame bent with age,holding on to walking sticksto balance themselves.I saw them with thick lensed specs scanning obituary notices to see who was gone and who was lucky to be here.Most often they may have been too bushed whacked to move out of theircanvas easy chairs ,as the seasons turned relentlessly and memories glimmered at the edges of their minds.
But me!I have no vision of that ageing process for I feel fit and fine,up and about ,all geared up for a full day's work when suddenly I'mpulled upby the unpleasant thought 'I dont have to go and punch in at thePlayinyor taking a days leave just for the heck of it was a pleasure as sweet as stolen love.But now each day seems hellbent on reminding me that I'm no longer needed at the workspot.

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